Wi-care available for Hazardous area ATEX

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The new wireless spectral vibration sensor, Wi-care, is now ATEX certified for zone 0  ​​II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

This means that I-care is proud to offer you high flexible solution for remote diagnosis for any equipment of your process and in any location of your plant.





The plug-and-play solution minimizes installation costs and installation time and makes the configuration easy. Furthermore, the system doesn't have any cable AT ALL, i.e., it can be set anywhere. Finally, the wireless sensor is designed for having a long battery life (5 years) to avoid any maintenance cost of the system. Therefore, the Wi-Care is the best tool for easy and simple condition monitoring on your machine.Communication with our web-based portal is ensured since the Wi-Care ATEX version is compatible with other non-ATEX Wi-Care: all reports, trends, spectra and waveforms are available anytime and anywhere without updates or license issues.

Wi-care: Now ready for Hazardous area !


What it is?

The Wi-care™ system is the latest wireless condition monitoring system from I-Care. The system has been designed to detect, measure and analyse the root causes of excessive levels of vibration and temperature. The Wi-care system is a cost-effective tool used to report any vibration or temperature deviation in a short time. The I-CARE team of engineers using the data from Wi-care are able to give you a condition monitoring remote diagnosis at any time 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The condition based maintenance partnership has been created to give you the chance to correct a potential problem before it occurs.

The solution developed in the Wi-care system is based on a receiver connected on the internet and able to manage up to 144 transmitters, each transmitter sending vibration and temperature data. In order to reach long distance data transfer and remote locations, the WI-care involves a range extender in its network. Using a web-based portal to manage the system avoids any extra cost and any difficulties linked to software. We all know how frustrating it is when you are waiting for your data analysis and you can’t take any quick condition based maintenance decision due to software issues. www.wirelessvibration.eu

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Added value?

Online monitoring based on permanent wired sensors can be expensive in many applications. Wireless monitoring with wireless vibration sensors improves the reliability of difficult-to-monitor assets with a quick and cost effective installation. Wireless vibration monitoring lends added value with a more flexible system, cutting expense and labour costs on installation and maintenance of the old wired vibration and temperature sensors. You attach the sensors using extra-strong magnets where you need them and in minutes they create a large network of real time data transmission to the gateway data manger in tandem with the range extenders. The solution created by Wi-care is very flexible and cost effective because it allows the reuse of existing piezoelectric vibration sensors and turns them into wireless vibration sensors with the single action of plugging the sensor into the wireless transmitter.

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