Wi-alert: automatic alarm on your email and cell phone


Key features :

             External SIM card reader, easy removal and operator swap

        Unlimited Automatic Mailing send in case of system alarm

        Unlimited automatic SMS on your phone

        Unlimited number of people for mail and SMS diffusion

        Easy messaging parameters in the Wi-care web platform



            Wi-care is promoting its new Alarm monitoring guardian, the Wi-alert. Wi-alert is sending automatically SMS text message and email every time Wi-care generates an alarm.Wi-alert module enhances the Wi-care remote monitoring capabilities making sure the right people in your organization are alerted. The system is triggering in this way a data analysis by WI-care team underlying the alarm source. Using the automatic alert sending from Wi-care ensure an effective 24/7 surveillance on significant asset condition change. Every time an excessive level of vibration is generated by the machinery, an alarm is therefore generated and sent to you by SMS text message or e-mail. A small but important investment, Wi-alert and its associated remote monitoring department make Wi-care ideal for high criticality equipment.

Generating an alarm and having the relevant people aware of it is not impossible in 2016 but it is nonetheless the cornerstone of machinery protection.




Wi-care new webplatform: countdown to I-SEE

worldI-SEE is about to be released. The Wi-care new web platform integrate multiple predictives technologies to provide you a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of your mechanical assets. Cables and installation costs of wired monitoring systems led I-Care to develop Wi-Care. In the same perspective, the software licenses, installation and communication inefficiency led I-Care to develop a fully web based tool allowing you to visualize your data, KPI, diagnosis reports wherever you are, whenever you want, and whatever electronic device you are using.

I-SEE new web based platform offering you an easy information sharing, technical and financial KPI, different levels of access, a clear benchmarking of your production area, high quality diagnosis interface, reporting, data history and storage,...

Even more, I-SEE manage and generate automatic alarm based on latest measurement increasing your machinery protection level.

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Wi-care wireless vibration for windturbine

Wi-care has launch its new version suitable for windturbine.

Looking for wireless vibration and temperature monitoring of windturbine, here is Windcare.


 Windcare is the remote wireless spectrum vibration diagnostics system.

Key features:

- Quick and simple installation

- Automatic, continuous fault detection

- Validation of faults by our ISO certified engineers

- Centralisation of information on our multilingual PORTAL




Windcare: I-care is delivering a complete service !

Main package:

Continuous/periodic vibration analysis on: Main shaft, Gearbox, Generator

Oil analysis on the multipliereol2

Infrared thermography on the medium and high voltage electrical boxes


Remote vibration analysis

Endoscopy on the multiplier

Oil analysis on the yaw and pitch system

Thermography/oil analysis on the transformers

Vibration analysis on the pitch motors


Wi-care available for Hazardous area ATEX

article news atex

The new wireless spectral vibration sensor, Wi-care, is now ATEX certified for zone 0  ​​II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

This means that I-care is proud to offer you high flexible solution for remote diagnosis for any equipment of your process and in any location of your plant.





The plug-and-play solution minimizes installation costs and installation time and makes the configuration easy. Furthermore, the system doesn't have any cable AT ALL, i.e., it can be set anywhere. Finally, the wireless sensor is designed for having a long battery life (5 years) to avoid any maintenance cost of the system. Therefore, the Wi-Care is the best tool for easy and simple condition monitoring on your machine.Communication with our web-based portal is ensured since the Wi-Care ATEX version is compatible with other non-ATEX Wi-Care: all reports, trends, spectra and waveforms are available anytime and anywhere without updates or license issues.

Wi-care: Now ready for Hazardous area !


What it is?

The Wi-care™ system is the latest wireless condition monitoring system from I-Care. The system has been designed to detect, measure and analyse the root causes of excessive levels of vibration and temperature. The Wi-care system is a cost-effective tool used to report any vibration or temperature deviation in a short time. The I-CARE team of engineers using the data from Wi-care are able to give you a condition monitoring remote diagnosis at any time 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The condition based maintenance partnership has been created to give you the chance to correct a potential problem before it occurs.

The solution developed in the Wi-care system is based on a receiver connected on the internet and able to manage up to 144 transmitters, each transmitter sending vibration and temperature data. In order to reach long distance data transfer and remote locations, the WI-care involves a range extender in its network. Using a web-based portal to manage the system avoids any extra cost and any difficulties linked to software. We all know how frustrating it is when you are waiting for your data analysis and you can’t take any quick condition based maintenance decision due to software issues. www.wirelessvibration.eu

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Added value?

Online monitoring based on permanent wired sensors can be expensive in many applications. Wireless monitoring with wireless vibration sensors improves the reliability of difficult-to-monitor assets with a quick and cost effective installation. Wireless vibration monitoring lends added value with a more flexible system, cutting expense and labour costs on installation and maintenance of the old wired vibration and temperature sensors. You attach the sensors using extra-strong magnets where you need them and in minutes they create a large network of real time data transmission to the gateway data manger in tandem with the range extenders. The solution created by Wi-care is very flexible and cost effective because it allows the reuse of existing piezoelectric vibration sensors and turns them into wireless vibration sensors with the single action of plugging the sensor into the wireless transmitter.

Wi-care product presentation video released : 8 min to understand more about Wi-care

Wi-care wireless vibration and temperature monitoring system is innovative on many aspects. Have a look on the following video to discover the various benefits of using Wi-care wireless transmitter.

This video shows that Wi-care is really easy to turn on an is ready for data collection in a minute. You will learn about the features Wi-care offer considering the flexibility of data acquisition, data analysis and wired system retrofitting.

Look at this video for a typical Wi-care system presentation onsite. 

ConMEC helps innovative Belgian company breakthrough in the Middle East

thumb Article Middle eastThe Belgian company I-CARE is ready to conquer the Middle Eastern market. With their innovative product Wi-careTM and the expertise of ConMEC, their consultants and representatives in the endeavour, they can be sure of a long term success.

A product that allows remote monitoring of critical equipment? It’s a necessity for any company with rotating machinery, whether it’s for a factory or a wind turbine. And thanks to I-CARE and its Wi-careTM wireless vibration and temperature transmitter, it’s a reality. Wi-careTM provides remote details on the health of your machinery by analysing vibrations, speed and temperature. With online real time information coming across 24/7, it’s perfect for keeping an eye on equipment, planning maintenance and improving machinery work conditions – even if the installations are located thousands of miles away from the person monitoring it. Piloting companies to success in the Middle East

Wi-care innovative integrated wireless speed sensor

wss1Wi-care wireless vibration and temperature system is now available with one or several wireless speed sensor. The Wi-care speed sensor enhance the wi-care analysis capabilities and accuracy

It is mandatory to have a direct reading of the rotating equipment speed in order to perform a decent spectrum analysis. Wi-care system has the possibility to include a wireless speed sensor based on long-term battery. With a very similar design to the Wi-care transmitter, the wireless speed sensor is very easy to install and is completely wire free.

Wi-care-Montage an einer Kreiselpumpe

Die Montage von Schwingungs- und Temperatursensoren zur dauerhaften Zustandsüberwachung sollte immer so einfach sein wie bei Wi-care. Im folgenden kurzen Film befestigt einer unserer Kunden Wi-care-Überwachungseinheiten am Antrieb einer Kreiselpumpe.

Das Video zeigt, dass die Montage von Wi-care keine speziell geschulten Fachleute erfordert, sondern dass diese innerhalb einer Minute einfach, korrekt und sicher durchgeführt werden kann. Normalerweise ist dafür auch keine zusätzliche Genehmigung oder Arbeitsanweisung erforderlich.

Sehen Sie dieses Video, das eine typische Montage von Wi-care zeigt: Vor-Ort, durch den Kunden. 

Wi-care einschalten und Daten erhalten

Eine Lasche steuert das Ein- und Ausschalten von Wi-care…

Wi-care-Produktverbesserung: Integrierter Magnetschalter, um Batterie zu sparen, wenn Wi-care nicht benötigt wird

Die Schwingungs- und Temperaturmessung wird gestartet, wenn eine Lasche aus der Überwachungseinheit gezogen wird. Beim zurückschieben der Lasche wird über einen Magnetschalter die Stromversorgung der Überwachungseinheit unterbrochen.

Sobald die Überwachungseinheit mit Strom versorgt wird, baut diese selbständig eine Netzwerkverbindung auf. Damit sind direkt Messdaten verfügbar. Um Batterie zu sparen, wenn das System nicht verwendet wird (beispielsweise während Transport oder längerem Produktionsstillstand), kann die Batterieversorgung nun unterbrochen werden. Auch nach Aus- und Wiedereinschalten ist keine Neukonfiguration erforderlich.

Wi-care-Überwachungseinheiten sind hervorragend abgedichtet. Diese Abdichtung wird durch den neuen Magnetschalter mit Lasche nicht beeinträchtigt. Ein Öffnen der Einheit, um Batterie zu sparen wird unnötig. Eine eventuelle Garantieabwicklung bleibt also unbeeinträchtigt.

Der würfelförmige Teil der Wi-care-Überwachungseinheit, indem Funksender und Batterieversorgung sind, soll vor Ort nicht geöffnet werden. Wenn ein Batterieaustausch nach etwa 5 Jahren erforderlich ist, oder etwas anderes ersetzt werden muss, tauscht I-care die Überwachungseinheit gegen vollständig neue aus. Dies gewährleistet dauerhaft höchste Produktqualität im Rahmen unserer Produktgewährleistung und erweiterter Garantiemodelle.


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