Detecting sudden bearing failure occuring in 8 hours

Equipment, plant overview, Context

The Refinery is operating 24 Hours 7 days a week, established in a country 5 thousand miles away from headquarter and diagnosis team. The Equipment is a classical centrifugal pump at the oil tank farm. Wi-care sensors are installed on the pump bearing housing. Customer wants to improve its predictive strategy on the critical pumps located far away from pure production equipment.

Analyst diagnosis and spectrum justification:

We detect noise and bearing fault frequencies on the drive side of the pump. We observed high vibration come from a bearing fault (BSF) on the drive side of the pump. The vibration amplitudes have increased in a short period. An action is required.

We observed a hydraulic frequency on the drive side of the pump. The vibration amplitude is acceptable.

Actions and delays.

1) Replacing pump bearings within 5 days

2) Collecting the old bearings for RCFA;

3) Measuring the equipment again after the replacement



Spect refinery brg





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